Станиця Монреаль – Пласт Орґанізація Української Молоді

Camp Plast for Teens – Eastern Canada – Location: Algonquin Park

People have asked us how we enjoyed our summer camp at Algonquin, and it is difficult to sum it up.
We had so many experiences, but certain memories immediately come to mind.

🛶 Our first day: Learning how to right an overturned canoe and get back in it.
⛺️ Spending the night camping on an island surrounded by nature.
🛶 A 500m portage – the weight of the canoe on our shoulders!
⛺️The star-filled skies.
🛶 The sound of rain on our tents as we drift off to sleep.
⛺️The joyful campfires where our singing echoed along Whitefish Lake.
🛶 Long portages from one lake to another.
⛺️New friendships from other Canadian cities.
🛶 The taste of Indian food – our meal of butter chicken!
⛺️Fishing during a canoe expedition.
🛶 The view from a high cliff: a resplendent sunset over the water.
⛺️Our 20km hike! The bees, the heat, the thirst, but still surrounded by dazzling views.
🛶 Our late evenings by the bonfire: standing in a circle, hand in hand, left over right wishing each other good and peaceful night.

For us, Plast is synonymous with friendship, nature, singing, love for Ukraine and new adventures. Sweet memories linger in our thoughts and we already look forward to the following summer and our next camp.

Pl. Roz Maksym Konanec
Pl. Uch Teya Konanec

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