Станиця Монреаль – Пласт Орґанізація Української Молоді

It was a busy year!

2022-23 was a busy year for our stanycia as we slowly started to return to regular activities after three challenging years governed by the Covid pandemic. Our weekly meetings for novatstvo (6-12 years) and yunatstvo (13 to 18 years) resumed last September and we welcomed many new plastuny into our family. We are pleased to see a resurgence of interest in Plast and our numbers continue to grow, with many newly arrived
Ukrainians joining our ranks. In the last few years we have tripled our membership and we expect that trend to continue, To join us, please fill in the sign-up form.

We celebrated many events including Denj Plastuna and Sviato Yuria. Winter brought us a weekend ski trip and ice skating. The summer was filled with activity as we prepared our oselia for novackyj tabir. Many families took part in the opening day work, and wrapped up the day with a spiljna vechera. Our yunatstvo celebrated Svjato Vesny before attending two camps, one in Algonquin Park and the other in Ohio.

Despite our enthusiasm to get back to regular activities, our hearts and minds were focused on the war in Ukraine. Plastuny pledge loyalty to God and Ukraine and we felt that we had to do our part. Over the past year, our stanycia raised close to $85K and received thousands of dollars-worth of donations of medical supplies and equipment that we shipped to Ukraine. The shipments totalled 7 tonnes and included anesthesia machines, surgical cautery machines, a CT scanner, ICU beds, video systems for minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery, surgical instruments, sutures, bandages, gowns, PPE, chlorhexidine and other disinfectants, cardiac resuscitation medications and others.

We worked with a Plastun-surgeon in Lviv who arranged distribution to military and civil hospitals in western Ukraine. Plastuny from Montreal, Warsaw, Novy Rozdil, and Lviv made up the supply chain from origin to destination.

Glory to Ukraine!

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