Станиця Монреаль – Пласт Орґанізація Української Молоді

Montreal and Ottawa camp for novatstvo

The Montreal and Ottawa joint novatsky camp “Long Live the Forest” was held at Plast Camp Baturyn from July 8-16, 2023. There were 49 boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old. 13 yunaky and yunachky, served as counsellors. The team consisted of the commandant, the deputy commandant, the secretary, bunchuzhna, and the camp doctor.
Commandant: Luda Lussier
Deputy Commandant, Secretary: Melodia Serbyn
Bunchuzhna: Danya Pastushak
Camp Doctor, Sub-camp Commandant: Zoryanna Babiuk-Henry
Counsellors (including junior counsellors):
Maxym Konanec
Zenon Patten
Bohdan Buryk
Ostap Tsybenko
Lukia Muzika
Milla Pastushak
Patricia Marichka
Clara Dolnitsky
Olena-Kateryna Harbaruk
+1 Ostap Voychyshyn came to help with the sub-camp.

The novatsky camp concludes the Plast year. Surrounded by beautiful nature, novatstvo held an interesting program, and there was no time to be bored. From morning to night, the program was full. For example: singing, sports, swimming, crafts, and so on.
The campers were divided into groups with each group meeting regularly to hold their own activities and develop skills. Educators often conducted interactive conversations related to the camp topic – ecology.

Our campers were able to go on a nice day hike in Mont Orford Provincial Park. School buses left early. Our wonderful kitchen staff prepared and delivered us delicious sandwiches and vegetables for lunch. After lunch and swimming, it was already time to head to Baturyn.

On Saturday, July 15, parents had the opportunity to participate in a charity evening for the benefit of Plast Camp Baturyn. Our volunteer cooks prepared a traditional Ukrainian dinner, and then everyone walked along the lake and sang cheerful songs around the bonfire. The next day, after the Divine Liturgy and lunch, the Camp ended. We all sang the Novatska Molytva (prayer) and the Novatskyj Hymn. The team distributed camp participation badges and merit badges. We thanked and acknowledged all those who put in time and effort to make our camp successful so that every child left with a smile on their face.

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