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Plast International Jamboree in Ohio

The Plast International Jamboree (MPZ) was an interesting experience. This was a joint camp for Plastuny from a few countries (mostly USA and Canada). The number of participants was exceptionally high.

We had the opportunity to spend a week at the campground of the Boy Scouts of America in Ohio, where we were fed traditional American food every day. The size of the campground was staggering.

Its territory contained numerous activities that we managed to experience, we even gained skills in some of them. These included archery, axe throwing, rock climbing, zip-lining, canoeing (after the Algonquin camp it seemed very easy), fishing and master classes. Also organized were such things as: a song bingo quiz, an exciting scavenger hunt, various sports games, swimming, a festival, a fun party, writing a letter to Ukrainian soldiers and even a concert by Taras Chubai. We also planned to have a huge bonfire for thе entire camp, for which we prepared funny skits. But, unfortunately, it was canceled due to weather conditions.

During that week, we experienced and went through a lot at this unforgettable camp. But the best thing was meeting plastuny from distant places and building friendship with them. A friendship that would not end after the camp. It was very nice and fun to share time at the MPZ together with new friends. During the camp, we rallied our youthful spirit and started building a great tomorrow!

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